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Is It Illegal to Lane Split in California

Is it illegal to lane split in California? This is a good question for motorcyclists navigating the state’s congested roads. California ranks in the top ten states for its drivers spending the most time stuck in traffic, with an average of 31.3 hours per year. Some people ride motorcycles to avoid some of the traffic delays that passenger cars experience.

In California, motorcyclists can “lane split,” meaning they can ride between cars stuck in a traffic jam. If a driver intentionally blocks or impedes a motorcycle, they may be liable for the motorcyclist’s injuries in the event of an accident. However, motorcyclists still need to drive carefully while lane splitting and can be held liable for any accidents because of their actions. 

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What Is Lane Splitting?

California defines lane splitting as driving a motorcycle between rows of stopped or moving vehicles in the same lane, including on divided and undivided streets, roads, or highways. Most commonly, lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle drives between passenger vehicles stuck in traffic. California legalized lane splitting fairly recently, in January 2017. California is currently the only state that allows lane splitting, but other states have passed legislation to fund a study on the legalization of lane splitting within their state.

As stated above, lane splitting can minimize traffic times for motorcycles and improve traffic flow in general. The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) endorses lane splitting, suggesting that the practice makes motorcyclists on congested roadways less vulnerable to rear-end collisions. The AMA cited a University of California at Berkeley report from May 2015 that concluded that motorcyclists who split lanes in heavy traffic are less likely to:

  • Be struck from behind by other motorists,
  • Suffer head or torso injuries in a collision, and
  • Sustain fatal injuries in a crash.

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Is It Illegal to Lane Split in California?

As noted above, it is not illegal to lane split in California. However, lane-splitting motorcycle riders must still conduct themselves safely. It is illegal to ride a motorcycle on the shoulder of the highway. Lane splitting at high speeds creates a greater risk of a severe collision. Additionally, the state recommends against lane splitting next to large vehicles like motorhomes, buses, or semi-trucks.

In California, it is illegal for drivers in passenger vehicles to impede or block a lane-splitting motorcyclist, including by opening the door to their car. If another driver causes a motorcycle accident by intentionally blocking a motorcyclist who is lane splitting, they may be liable for the losses from that accident. 

An attorney can prove the at-fault driver’s actions by obtaining statements from witnesses, traffic camera footage, and police reports. 

Is Lane Splitting Legal All the Time? 

Even though lane splitting is allowed in California, it is only permitted when conditions are safe. Motorcyclists are prohibited from lane splitting during inclement weather, without sufficient lighting, and in road construction zones. 

Motorcyclists still owe other drivers a duty to safely operate their vehicles when lane-splitting. If a reckless motorcyclist causes an accident while lane splitting, they can be held liable for the losses resulting from that accident.

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