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Californians risk their lives every day when they get on the road and drive to their destination. Car collisions are more common than we think, and the risk of being involved in one increases every time a driver gets in their car. Some accidents happen in the blink of an eye and feel unavoidable, but the reality is that most car accidents are preventable. Accordingly, we compiled a Sacramento driving guide with safety tips to help you avoid a collision. Read on to learn more about our Sacramento safe driving tips and how to run this checklist in your head each time you drive. 

Drive Defensively 

Defensive driving means anticipating hazards and thinking ahead. It’s helpful to be continually aware of the traffic around you and how other drivers behave. For example, if a car speeds past you, erratically weaving in and out of lanes, you should slow down and stay as far away from that car as possible to avoid a collision. Driving defensively also means scanning the road for hazards such as debris, potholes, and other unexpected obstacles that create a risk of collision. 

Obey Traffic Laws 

Before getting on the road, know all traffic laws and what road signs and signals mean. For example, speed limits are in place to keep you and other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists safe. The number of traffic laws is extensive, and it’s vital to remain vigilant and ensure you follow the rules of the road. Knowing what to do in construction zones and how to share the road with bicyclists avoids preventable collisions that could endanger your life and others. 

Review Your Route 

If you are setting out to a destination you’ve never traveled to, looking at a map and becoming knowledgeable of your route is another tip in our Sacramento safe driving guide. Driving in new areas can distract you from dangers on the road and contribute to the risk of an accident. Getting familiar with your route before driving reduces the likelihood of looking at a phone or map. 

Maintain a Safe Stopping Distance 

Don’t tailgate cars in front of you. Leaving plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you is essential to avoiding traffic accidents in Sacramento. Traffic conditions change in the blink of an eye, and allowing yourself enough time to stop in those conditions prevents an accident you may be responsible for causing. A safe stopping distance between you and the preceding vehicle is two to three seconds, but leaving a wider gap is always advised. 

Remove Distractions 

One of the most essential Sacramento safe driving tips is to avoid driving while distracted. Taking your eyes off the road, even briefly, is like driving with your eyes closed. Consider all the potential distractions you have when you get into your car and try to eliminate or minimize them to ensure your safety. Common distractions include: 

  • Texting while driving;
  • Looking at your radio or GPS;
  • Conversing with other passengers in the vehicle;
  • Eating, drinking, or smoking while driving; and
  • Looking in the rearview mirror to fix your makeup or hair. 

All of these distractions can wait until you get to your destination and can address them safely. 

Avoid Driving in Inclement Weather 

Read the weather forecast before taking a trip. Inclement weather, such as extreme rain, wind, snow, sleet, and other dangerous conditions, increases the risk of a dangerous collision. If you can’t postpone your trip, understanding how rain and wind affect the safety of your car reduces the chances of an accident. For example, rain makes roads slippery. Cars should drive slower and allow greater braking distances between vehicles to avoid collisions. 

Check Blind Spots 

Changing lanes is an inevitable part of driving. However, many people absently switch to a lane and forget to consider their blind spots. Check your mirrors and physically check your blind spots before moving into another lane. Failing to check a blind spot also increases the risk of collision with a motorcyclist that may be splitting lanes—a legal but dangerous practice in California. 

Maintain Your Vehicle

Maintaining the health of your vehicle is vital to its safety on the road. Read the owner’s manual for your car to find out how often you should replace your brakes, get your oil changed, and replace your tires. Bald tires can explode or slip and cause an accident. Worn brakes significantly impede the ability of your car to react safely to changing road conditions. 

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